With this glossary you can find the meaning of all the jargon used for the garden machinery. This way you can make a more informed decision and chose the right machine for your need. 
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Cutting width: how much grass can be cut in one pass with the mower. Larger cutting widths reduce the overall time you spend mowing.

Height of cut: how high or low a grass will be cut. Taller grass is great for pest control and lower is more aesthetically pleasing.

Fabricated deck:  it means that the deck is welded or put together from several pieces of steel.

Zero turn: ride-on mower that has a turning radius close to zero. 

Rear discharge:  when the clippings from the mower are sent to the rear of the mower.

Side discharge: when the clippings from the mower are sent to the side of the mower.

Self-propelled mower:  travels under its own power meaning there is no great effort from the user apart from guiding the lawnmower, changing direction and avoiding obstacles. Ideal for larger lawns, these models have either variable or single-speed drive.

Push mower:  ideal for smaller lawns with the flat ground or confined spaces. The rotary blade is powered by petrol and the user has to push the mower around the garden. Push mowers are lighter in weight and less expensive than self-propelled models while still providing an excellent cut for your lawn.

3'in'1:  bagging, mulching and side discharge.

4'in'1:  besides bagging, mulching and rear discharging with the supplied chute you can also side discharge clippings.

Wash-portAllows you to connect your garden hose to the lawnmower and cleans under the deck.

Single side blade: designed mainly for straight sections of hedge. With teeth on one side of the cutting bar, the blade can be longer without the machine becoming too heavy.

Double side blade:  more suitable for smaller hedges, domestic properties. The cutting action is from side to side.

Quick Twist Handle: The rear handle can rotate 180 degrees to suit the direction of cut, allows for easy vertical trimming and is suitable for left and right-hand users.

Tooth Gap: The gap between the blade teeth in a hedge trimmer.

Loop handle: Great for cutting grass in hard to reach areas. Light and easy to use.

Air volume: the amount of air the blower blows through the nozzle.

Rear handle chainsaw: Suitable for general chainsaw work.

Bar length: The length of the blade of the chainsaw, consider how large is the timber, wood, trees you are looking to cut up? You may want a longer bar length depending on the type of cutting you intend to do.



E SERIES engines: set the benchmark performance for the outdoor power equipment industry. In addition to improved emissions, these engines deliver the power, performance and reliability users have come to expect from Snapper. Excellent engines to count on, to get the job done.

EX SERIES engines: Takes all the attributes from the E SERIES, but delivers performance attributes for the more demanding consumer. The EX SERIES engines offer the best power in the series class and combine this with the ingenious ReadyStart® system.

Maximum power with the one-pull effortless starting. A powerful performance engine series.

EXi SERIES engines:  Combine powerful performance with new levels of easy operation. Easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to start – the EXi SERIES delivers a new engine experience for the most demanding of end users. Easy features are everywhere, including ReadyStart® and simple maintenance features like tool-less air cleaner, and no regular oil change – just an occasional top-up*. Built into advanced powerful OHV platforms the EXi SERIES engines produce a new standard of smooth and quiet performance with optimum power to weight ratios.

InStart®: instant starting technology. It means you don't need to use force to start your mower, it is as simple as to push a button. Just clip the battery, push the button and mow.

ReadyStart®:  Hassle Free Starting. Ready to start when you are. No Prime. No choke. Just pull for power.

Mow'n'stow: Compact vertical storage capability allows you to store your mower in tight spaces in your garage or shed. This patented engine design enables a lawn mower to be stored upright without any fuel or oil leaks. Takes care of big lawn mower jobs and fits in small spaces.

Tuff-Torq K46: The K46 is the most popular integrated hydrostatic transaxle (IHT) in the world. This power unit has all the features and performance of much larger and more expensive transaxles, all at a very affordable cost and in a small and purpose-focused design.  This transaxle has a proven track record in a vast array of applications in all kinds of conditions. 

CENTRECUT™ deck: Offers options to change the mower deck configuration depending on grass circumstances. For long grass/first cut, for normal grass conditions/ongoing cuts and for superior mulching performance.